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The time has now come for a New Beginning

A Proposal for a New Way Forward – Introduction (Free Download)

On 11/11/11 at 11:11, People for World Peace and Prosperity launched the Proposal for a New Way Forward for the People of Planet Earth. This proposal offers humanity a democratic way forward created by us, the people of the world, for us to serve us.

In general terms, global finances are controlled by a very small number of people. Every day their share grows, while the share of the majority, living in poverty, diminishes. This is how we have come to live on a planet where through the actions and inactions of those who own the money, 34,000 people die on a daily basis, for want of food, clean water and basic sanitation.

True democracy implements the wishes of the people. We each require a job that pays us a fair wage to feed our family, and leaves us with ample time to raise that family. Our proposal outlines, in simple terms, how the wealth of the world can be distributed more fairly and how full employment can be reached. The proposal is based on an ethical private enterprise approach to life – we believe that everyone is entitled to a profit.

We know that if the people of Planet Earth embrace these basic concepts, then they can peacefully take the stewardship of their mother Planet.

Will you take the time to download and read Parts 1 and 2 of the proposal? If you agree with our proposal, for the sake of your children and your children’s children, vote on them and lend your voice to the cause. If you want this new way forward, put a lit candle in a glass on a public-facing windowsill every night.

Richard Bartley, speaking on behalf of
People for World Peace and Prosperity

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